Stress Relief

If stress levels build up they affect our emotional and physical well-being causing headaches and pain anywhere in the body. As a fully qualified osteopath, Elizabeth can locate and release tensions that have built up in the body.

stressOsteopathy can be used to treat stress caused by:

• Sickness and injury
• Anxiety
• Emotional issues and grief
• Bad work/life balance
• Financial and work worries
• Life changes

Your body’s reaction to stress

The body’s stress response means that the nervous system will release stress hormones and cortisol in the body. These hormones make the muscles tighten so that’s why when we’re stressed we physically feel ”wound up”.

Using therapeutic massage and exercise, osteopathy can release these unwanted tensions.


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My name is Elizabeth Kendal and I have over 25 years of experience as a qualified osteopath working across Gloucestershire. When you come to my clinics you can be certain that you are being seen by a highly experienced, knowledgeable practitioner. My breadth of knowledge enables me to treat a very wide variety of ailments and conditions. Whatever your needs give me call today and let’s discuss how my skills can help.